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Kingston Market Square

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kingston Maintenance

At the heart of the historic town centre of Kingston, the market place is an active & bustling square and has been for over 800 years.
Outside of the Old Town Hall a dry plaza fountain draws and entertains the passing crowds.  The fountain comprises of nine individual jets performing a choreographed display at regular intervals throughout the day.
As with all water features, regular maintenance is essential not just to keep the fountain working correctly but to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the water that it uses.
On a weekly basis, a confined spaces trained team of service engineers, visits the Kingston fountain to backwash sand filters, check water quality, adjust and replenish the chemical treatment system and check the correct operation of all pumps, nozzles and lights on the system.
In addition to this, an annual drain & clean of the tanks, drainage channels and paved surfaces, help to keep both the fountain and the market square in peak condition.

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